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5 months down

We have officially passed the 5 months mark!  The time has gone so quickly and Nathan is getting so big!

He is a lot more active and much more inquisitive about his environment.   When he is in his back he enjoys grabbing his toes and rocks from side to side.  Unlike Logan, Nathan really enjoys tummy time and pushes himself up so nicely.
He can just about sit by himself by doing a fold on half pretzel move.
Twice I’ve found him in his back in the cot even though I put him down on his tummy, so he has rolled over,  we just haven’t seen it.
He can be very vocal when he wants to be and seems to enjoy loud high pitch noises most.
He is growing up far too quickly!

We’re going to start him on solids in the next two weeks and will start with rice cereal and then move onto the purees, etc.  That’s how we started Logan in solids and it worked well, so we’ll stick to what we know and take it from there.

I once again tried taking photos yesterday, but Mr had other ideas.  Still makes for a funny photo story though.  Check it out –

Huh, what's that noise?!
Huh, what’s that noise?!
OMW, what is that?!?!
OMW, what is that?!?!
It's going to eat me! RUN!
It’s going to eat me! RUN!
Oooh, nice blue fluffy breakfast! Yummy!
Oooh, nice blue fluffy breakfast! Yummy!
Ok, that was exhausting. Sleep time!
Ok, that was exhausting. Sleep time!