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Bringing on the New Year

HelloNew Year


What were you doing at the stroke of midnight on the 31st of December 2015, or is the stroke of midnight on the 1st of January 2016?  Anyway, you know what I mean. 🙂  Me?  I was just about to pass out on the couch from exhaustion.  Ok, so a bit of the passing out could have been due to alcohol, but honestly, 90% was just because I was so damn tired!  My Mom and hubby, however were either skiing down the slopes of some winter resort or sprinting down the track in some stadium.  I can’t remember exactly which kinect sporting event they were busy with at the time.  LOL

Besides, the sport events, the evening prior to the midnight gong was rather relaxed.  We had decided to stay home as we didn’t really have anywhere else to be and also, I hate being on the roads this time of year.  Marc’s mom and nephew came to stay over, besides my mom (obviously already mentioned).  We had a chilled braai, some drinks and then played kinect till 0h00, when I wished all a happy new year and promptly passed out. LOL



I don’t know if it was the drinks, the heat or just lack of sleep, but the morning of the 1st I was completely out of it.  I eventually went to go lie down for about 2 hours before we headed off to my Dad for a New Years Day braai.  It was another great day braaing, swimming and relaxing!




Logan was in the pool from the time we got to my Dad (about 13h00), right up until we left after 19h00.  Shame, his eyes were sooo red and sore from swimming under water, he couldn’t sleep properly that night.  He just refused to get out the pool, if he could have eaten his lunch in the pool, he would have!




Nathan took it all in his stride, as normal.  At one stage I had him in the pool with me and Logan went all big brother on my ass.  His words – “Mom, I’m scared you going to drop him.  Please becareful.”  Apparently he can do a better job, because that wasn’t the first time I got told to look after Nathan “properly”.  The second time was at a kiddies party on Sunday because I wasn’t holding onto Nathan while he sat in a ball pond with 5cm’s of water in it.  I mustn’t stand next to him, I must sit and hold him.  We don’t have helicopter parenting in our family, we have helicopter brothers.  LOL  I must admit, it’s really sweet to see how much Logan loves his brother and I really hope that it lasts!



I seriously cannot believe another year has come and gone!  2016 seemed like a lifetime away and we’re already almost finished with day 4!

All I can say, is hopefully 2016 has less low points and more high points than 2015!

Happy New Year everyone!