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Ultimate You 30 Day Challenge

I have been wanting to start eating healthier and being a bit more active for a while now, but it’s always difficult over the festive season.  You just tend to find more and more excuses not to start doing something, but there comes a time when the excuses need to stop.

My colleague has started with this Ultimate You 30 day challenge, so I’ve decided to join her.  It’s run by SleekGeek and Health24 and it’s free!  You register online and then get a daily task you need to do with the end goal of getting into healthier habits.  I only registered today, so my 30 days start tomorrow so I am 2 days behind, but it’s all good.  I know what I have to look forward to then.  LOL

To have a look at what the challenge entails, head on over to the Ultimate You website for more information.  There is also an 8 week challenge you can do, but I’m going to go with the Free one and see how that goes.

I will hopefully be able to post updates each day to share how things are going and we can then see if I can stick this one out.  🙂

Sneak peak, Day 1’s challenge is “Eat slowly and mindfully”.  mmm should be interesting.