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Day 1 of #ultimateyou30daychallenge

Today was my first day of the Ultimate You 30 day challenge and it looked easy enough.  Head on over to their website for more information or if you are keen to join.


Day 1 – Eat slowly & mindfully.


Riiiight, ok then.  So I have to think about every thing I put in my mouth and chew slooooowly.  That’s kind of the jist of it.  Easy right?  When you’re hectic at work and feel like you could eat a horse?  Not so easy.  When you need to eat supper, but you have a 7 month old beginning to fuss because he wants his supper and Daddy needs to go out?  Definitely not so easy.  However, I think I managed it ok?  I did feel like I was eating like a tortoise though, but I reckon I could get used to it.

The research behind the concept shows that you digest your food better and can lose / maintain weight more easily if you take your time eating.  I’ve also heard somewhere about having to chew you food a million times before swallowing?  I guess it’s the same concept really.  And yes, I know I over exaggerated, it’s only like 1000 times you need to chew. 😉


Anyway, day 1 is over and I survived, but I think that’s probably going to be the easiest day of the challenge.  I’m also assuming you should try and Eat slowly & mindfully every day moving forward, so will give that a try.


How did your Day 1 go?




PS.  I really doubt I can take 20 minutes to eat a slab of chocolate though, but here’s to trying!  LOL