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Day 2 of #ultimateyou30daychallenge

Day 2 of the Ultimate you challenge was to do 6000 steps.


That is a lot of steps!  I definitely do not walk that amount of steps in one day and realistically it’s just not going to happen.

Research has shown that it is beneficial to your health to do a minimum of 6000 steps a day.  That equates to about 1 hour of solid walking, or 3 20 minute walks or 6 10 minute walks.  Yes, I’m sure there are a lot of people who can easily do that each day, but I am not one of them.

I did however do more than I expected, but I don’t know how accurate the S Health app is on my phone.  It said I did about 600 steps while I was on the bus this afternoon, so I’m going to say not much.  The step count currently shows 4238 steps, but we should take about 1200 off of that due to bus calculations.  That leaves about 2738.  I didn’t carry the phone around with me in the office, but if you move the phone too quickly (picking it up), it calculates steps.  Therefore I will count those quick pick ups in place of the steps around the office.  In case you need to know, it’s exactly 20 steps from my desk to the bathroom door.  So one trip to the bathroom for me is 40 steps.  I only need to do 100 trips a day to notch up 4000 steps.  Easy peasy! LOL


Seriously though, I get the whole point of this exercise is to show you just how active you really are.  I already knew I was a complete sloth, so nothing new learnt there.  I did however find it interesting how many steps I do just by walking to and from the bus stop (and bathroom).  I just don’t know if that number will be increasing any time soon.


So Day 2 is over and unfortunately it was a mini fail, but it’s all good.  We will push on and will keep monitoring steps and maybe I can push it up to 6000 a day just by being more aware.

Oh, and I’m still doing the eating slowly and taking note of what I eat.  That has been rather interesting as I tend to actually taste the food now.  I never realised how much I just ate to feel full, instead of actually tasting what it was I’m eating.

I reckon if all I take from this 30 day challenge is to eat slower, then it’s still a job well done.  1 thing is better than nothing.  🙂

We will see how tomorrow’s challenge goes though.  It’s still very early days.