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Day 4 of #ultimateyou30daychallenge

Yesterday’s challenge was to stop having caffeine after 13h00.  Lucky I wasn’t at work for this one!

The short story is that too much caffeine affects your sleep.  Too little sleep affects your health.  Cutting out caffeine therefore leads to better health.

Some effects of bad sleeping habits –

· Impaired immune system
· Overweight and obesity
· Cognitive decline
· Poor mood and mental health
· Systemic inflammation

It was easy enough for me too stop with the caffeine at 13h00 yesterday because I was out 99% of the day.  Doing that at work is another story.  I’m going to try keep up with this challenge though as I could really do with some better sleep patterns and it’s nit like I gotta give up my java for good! 🙂