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Day 10 of #ultimateyou30daychallenge

And we are the third of the way with the Ultimate You challenge!


Day 10 – Walk 8000 steps


Again with the million steps?!  I’m not even managing the 6000 steps a day!  Although, when I took my big boy to the movies on Monday, we walked around the mall for a while before and after and when I get home, my phone did a little happy dance because I had managed over 6000 steps!!  First time ever!  Woohoo!  So not going to the mall every day though (costs a fortune).


I have however taken more notice of how much (or rather how little) I do walk, so I’ve started to use the stairs a lot more.  Every morning I walk up 1 flight of stairs (excluding all the stairs on the way to the work, avoiding the elevators), but I’m going to try and increase this by 1 flight a week and see how far I can get.  I will also start walking down a few flights a day as well.  Walking down is easier, so think I might try the full 8 flights from the beginning.


The extra walking and 50 squats a day should hopefully increase my fitness levels, even if slightly.  A little is better than nothing!  And who knows, maybe I become addicted to exercise……   bwahahahahaha