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Day 11 of #ultimateyou30daychallenge

I really don’t think I need to tell you how far behind I am with this.  Things have just been slightly more chaotic than normal and I also have absolutely no motivation to do anything, let alone this challenge.

I have however done Day 11, on the 26th of January, hopefully I can do Day 12 today. 🙂

Day 11 was “Do something that makes you laugh”.

Considering how down in the dumps I’ve been, this wasn’t very difficult.  There are lots of things that make me laugh on a daily basis, my hubby, my boys, colleagues and just things in general.

If neither one of those work, then I generally turn to the good old faithful funny cat videos.  There is just something about a cat doing something stupid that cracks me up each time.  I think it’s because they’re normally always so poised and precise, so when they try to jump across from a chair to a counter and end up falling flat on their faces, I end up rolling on the floor laughing!

It has been said that the benefits of laughing regularly can include a boosted immune system, improved blood flow, suppressed stress hormones and energy boosts.  It could apparently also have an effect on blood sugar levels.

Laughing also helps relieve tension, which is often needed working in an IT Office as we tend to always take the brunt of things.  Also working with the majority of colleageus being women also has it’s tension filled moments.  The laughing definately helps deal with that, sometimes.

The power of laughter

So I managed Day 11! YAY 🙂  Day 12 is to block out light at night, so I should be able to do this when I close my eyes tonight.  LOL