Bucket list

I’ve decided to do what many have or are doing and that’s create a bucket list. It will constantly change as I add new things, but here’s a start, in no particular order. 🙂

1. Bungi jump
2. Ski dive
3. Teach Logan how to swim (without water wings)  YAY!  So super proud of him.  Technically I didn’t actually teach him, he kinda self taught, but he can swim without wings so doesn’t matter how he got there! 🙂
4. Watch Casablanca and Gone with the wind
5. Buy a 2nd car
6. Buy a house
7. See Pink Live
8. See Nickleback Live
9. Cut and style my hair
10. Teach Logan  how to ride a bicycle (without training wheels) He officially learnt how to ride without training wheels 2 days before his 7th birthday!
11. Go on a cruise
12. Pay off debt (Excluding Bond, Car)
13. Karaoke
14. Learn to play drums
15. Learn to play guitar
16. Take the boys to play in the snow
17. Take Marc and the boys to Disney World and Marvel theme park
20. Host a proper tea party
21. Host a 5 course dinner party
22. Get a puppy / dog  = We got Nemo from Lucky Lucy Foundation on the 29th of April, he was born 1 January 2016 apparently.
23. Get a salt water fish tank
24. Take the boys for hikes
27. Do proper wine and cheese tasting
29. Take dance lessons
30. Write a book
31. Host Christmas lunch
32. Learn to Ski and Snow board
33. Get a tattoo or 2 or 3…we’ll start with 1 🙂
34. Teach Nathan how to swim
35. Teach Nathan how to ride a bicycle (without training wheels)

One thought on “Bucket list

  1. This list is awesome!
    (You can take off go camping again – you did that recently)

    OOOOH – how bout you and me go wine and cheese tasting… no boys or men???

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