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Not a little baby boy anymore


It was Logan’s 7th birthday last week Friday (18 September) and now I can’t really call him my little baby boy anymore. 😦  He is now my big baby boy!  LOL  No matter how big he gets, he will always be my baby boy!

I honestly cannot believe he is 7 years old already!  The 7th birthday for me is a big milestone.  Think about it for a second.  Most places that charge entrance fees, etc say that children 6 or under are free.  My child is no longer 6.  Therefore he is no longer free!  He is now a child, not a little child or a baby child, but a child.  Craziness I tell you!

As with most kids, he is super happy to be a year older!  I have to laugh at him sometimes though (which he really hates btw).  We were in the bath room and I coughed so Logan turns around to me and says “Gees Mom, I haven’t coughed in years!  The last time I was 6!”  Apparently 3 days is the equivalent to years??  No wonder time goes so quickly the older you get! LOL


We didn’t do anything on his actual birthday (the Friday) because he was having a party on the Saturday, but the school had a “Springbok day” to celebrate the opening of the World Cup so Logan got to wear his Springbok top to school. (If you go onto EPS facebook page and like the page and Logan’s class photo, they stand a chance of winning something yummy.  Just a FYI. 🙂 ) He also took cup cakes for his class which they got given after school.  My mom and I surprised him by fetching him early from after care and he spent the rest of the day playing with the marble track my mom got him, the soccer net hubby and I got for him and eating Mcdonalds.


2015-09-19 19.33.39




Logan really enjoys soccer, but unfortunately he can’t play this year because the school doesn’t have soccer and the closest club has practices at the same time as his karate.  Anyway because of this, we decided to have a soccer party for his birthday.  The Montague Arena have Action Soccer courts, so I booked one for the Saturday.  They are a bit pricey, but when you consider what you would normally spend in total on a birthday party, it’s not too bad.  You don’t need to worry about your house being wrecked or having a crap load of cleaning up to do.  The Arena supplies the court and a table (with table cloth) and you then supply your own snacks, etc.  They do have food, drinks, etc on site if you don’t want to bring your own.  Knowing that the kids would be more interested in running around, I didn’t need to worry too much about snacks.  I just supplied some hotdogs, cooldrink, chips, cup cakes and fizzers.  That was a lot less than what I normally prepare for Logan’s birthdays and it was actually rather nice not to have so much to do.




Unfortunately there was a very poor response to the invites and a few last minute cancellations, but thankfully there were still enough kids to form two teams and they had an absolute ball playing action soccer and dodgeball.  You get the court for 2 hours as well as a referee who organizes the kids and helps them with the rules, etc.  They basically then just run themselves ragged.  They had a few breaks in between to get some fluids and rest, but being kids full of energy, those breaks were very short!  Logan had been running around for about 20 minutes before the referee had even arrived, so the poor child was completely drained before the 2 hours were up.  All in all the kids had a great time and it is definitely something I will look at doing again.  The money you save on snacks, decor, etc covers the cost of the court and it was so nice to just pack up what we had brought and leave knowing our house was still neat and tidy! 🙂  Logan also received an engraved trophy from the arena which he was super impressed with.  It was his first trophy ever.




After the action soccer, we had a braai at our place for family and friends with younger kids (too young to take part at the arena).  Logan had an absolute blast and the poor dude passed out on the couch at about 20h20 while everyone was still there.  He just couldn’t anymore.  🙂


The Braai

For a small donation, the kids get to choose a book on their birthday and this is donated to the school library.  Their name is stuck into the book as well so they can always see what they have donated.  Nice way to get them excited about books.  On Monday Logan chose a book about reptiles and he was the first person allowed to take the book out for the week. 🙂

The Book




There however was just 1 damper on the day.  An event that has forever etched Logan’s 7th birthday into peoples memories.  It’s hard to say…….but I will try.  *sigh*  Here goes –

The Springboks LOST their opening World Cup Game to JAPAN!

It was the first ever match between the two teams and we lost.  The reactions of the Japanese fans were priceless though and it actually made me feel a bit better about the loss.  They reacted like they had actually won the world cup! 🙂  Well done Japan, but hopefully that is the last time the Springboks lose in this World Cup!


Sunday was spent relaxing and Logan played with some of the gifts he received, with Nathan looking on.  The best thing about having your birthday on a Friday is that the celebrations last the whole weekend!  🙂