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10 and 11 rolled into one

So I have been beyond bad at the whole blogging thing the last month, but I don’t even have the energy to worry about it.  It’s change of season and I’m going into hibernation mode.  You’re lucky enough to get this blog out of me right now. 🙂


The only reason I’ve updating one now is because somewhere I’ve lost a month.  My youngest is 11 months old already?!  Seriously, what happened to the 10th month?  Nathan is growing up so quickly.  He’s starting to get a lot more confidence with the whole standing thing and he has already taken a few steps on his own.  Scary stuff!  He will be walking before his 1st birthday, which is a month away!!!  The time really has gone far too quickly! 😦

He has also developed an attitude and a temper.  He has no problems shouting at anyone who doesn’t do what he wants as well as smacking them.  Well he only really smacks his older brother, but still, a habit we have to put a stop to.  Nathan is definately not the meek and mild child that Logan was and I am excited yet terrified of what is to come.  I reckon Nathan will be the one to climb to the top of cupboards and experient with trying to fly!  Exciting times await! 🙂


Anyhow, here are 2 sets of photos for you.  The missing month and the 11th month. Enjoy!


Nathan_10 Months


Nathan_11 Months