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January 2014 Highlights

  • Highlight from December which I really need to mention – Christmas Day my child, who hated getting his face wet, progressed to going completely under water (willingly I might add) as well as actually jumping into the pool (again, also willingly) all in one day!  He’s not comfortable enough to take off the arm bands though, but I’m still very proud of the fact that he actually gets his face wet!
  • Chillaxed New Years Day braai with family.  Logan swam himself ragged and passed out under a make shift blanket tent in the backyard.  Oh the joys of being a 5 year old!
  • Took one weeks leave because hubby had to go back to work and someone needed to look after our munchkin.  During those 5 days Logan and myself did the following –
    • Spent time with my bestie and her son
    • Chilled at home and did nothing
    • My Mom and myself took Logan to Butterfly World followed by some games at Wonderland in Canal Walk (Arcade style games).
  • Butterfly World is absolutely stunning place, but only found out afterwards that there was a whole section we missed!  If you ever go there, make sure you go through the sliding door where the fish tanks and reference books are, there is more to be seen!  Definitely going back there to check it out. 🙂  I did however learn that butterflies give my child the creeps and he screamed like a 5 year old little girl when one flew at him.  Didn’t realise he had such a high pitched scream!


  • The best highlight of the month was the arrival of my gorgeous nephew, Matthew Riley.  He made his much awaited arrival on the 10th of January to very proud first time parents.  I am sure he will bring them lots of joy and happiness!  I’m still trying to get used to the fact that my baby brother is now a daddy! 🙂

Matthew Riley

  • Logan started Grade R on the 13th of January!  I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone.  He was super excited to start Grade R and he has promised me that he will now tell me what he does all day!  Last year he couldn’t tell me what he did because he wasn’t big and in Grade R yet.  Now, apparently even though he is in Grade R, he’s still not big enough?!?!  Although I do get given a bit more information, I think my child is just not into sharing what he does when I’m not around.  I think pulling teeth might be easier than getting information from him.

Grade R Day 1

  • The last Saturday in January myself, hubby and Logan went through to Sandbaai with my Dad and his girlfriend.  They have a stunning holiday house there and it made me so jealous.  That place is so peaceful and “holidayish”.  We got there Saturday afternoon and left Sunday evening, so it wasn’t a long stay, but even that one night was awesome.  The house is 5 minutes from a beach and Logan had an absolute ball playing amongst the rock pools.  He also got his wish on Sunday which was teaching me how to run away from the waves at Grotto Beach.

That is basically my January month in a nut shell. 🙂