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Day 14 of #ultimateyou30daychallenge

Almost at the half way mark!

Day 14’s challenge was to do 50 push ups.

My first thought – ROTFLMAO…I really did though.  In case you’re not good with acronyms, that means “rolling on the floor laughing my ass off”.

My second thought was, I can do this!  Well, I can maybe do about 5, but I can do something!  Right?  How horribly wrong was I!  I couldn’t even manage 1!  I did half a push up!  My weak ass arms and pathetic core muscles got me to the ground and that’s where I stayed (laughing my ass off).  Shocking!

I didn’t even try proper push ups, it was the “on your knees” type push ups.  We used to call them “ladies push ups”.  I honestly thought I could do better, but clearly I’m completely disillusioned as to how badly unfit I really am.


I can now fully understand why push ups are vital to upper body and core muscle strengthening.  I clearly have none!

I’m going to have to start practicing these push ups on a daily basis so that hopefully I can at least do a complete one!