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Avalon Springs Long Weekend Away

On the weekend of the 5th of February, we took a long weekend and went away to Avalon Springs in Montague.  We decided to take Marc’s folks away and also invited my mom and his sister.  Unfortunately his sister couldn’t make it, but her son tagged along; which was great because Logan had someone to play with.


The drive up was longer than we were used to, but luckily Nathan slept the majority of the time.  Logan started to get very bored and fidgety in the last 30 minutes or so.  Myself and the boys drove up with my mom because Marc had to make a last minute trip to the mechanic because our car was giving problems.  We ended up meeting up with him on the N1 so we all drove in convoy, which is always the best way to travel.


The last time I stayed at Avalon Springs I was still in Primary school, so my memory of the place wasn’t all that great.  I do remember that we stayed in houses at the bottom though.  This time we stayed in the Mountain Chalets which are absolutely stunning!

It’s a rather hectic walk to the chalets, but they do have golf carts that will take you up and down.  The porters are also really helpful and friendly.  They carried all our stuff (and we had lots of stuff!) and wouldn’t let us carry anything!

Each chalet has it’s own Jacuzzi, so you don’t have to go all the way if you want to just chill in some warm water.  The chalet’s are self catering so you bring your own food stuffs and they have built in braais on the balcony so you don’t need to use the stove. 🙂  I wasn’t sure of what all they had, so I brought some random cutlery, paper plates (cause I didn’t want to spend the weekend washing up), sugar / coffee bowls, salad bowls, etc.  I can tell you though, that it was a complete waste of packing!  They really do have everything, even the sugar / coffee containers you can decant your stuff into.  They also have a dishwasher and supply you with 2 or 3 dishwashing soap bar things.  On top of that, they have a cleaning service that comes every morning, except Sundays and cleans up while you are out and about.  So even self catering wise, you can still have a relaxing time.


When we eventually made it up stairs, Nathan was let loose and he went straight for the ………..vacuum cleaner!  That was his friend until we packed it away because he kept hitting things / people with the pipe.  My mother-in-law wasted no time and found her spot where she could relax and enjoy the view, which was stunning btw!  My father-in-law went to chill and catch up on some rugby (they also have a few DSTV channels, which was also fantastic!).  The boys were a bit hyper from being cooped up in the cars for so long, so my mom took them to splash a bit in the jacuzzi.  Nathan also then found his books and the TV, so he was  occupied for a bit…….5 minutes being a bit, so he kept Marc and myself busy while we unpacked, braai’d supper and settled in for the weekend. 🙂


Jacuzzi time
Jacuzzi Time


The View
The View


Vacuum friend


The next morning we had a nice champagne breakfast consisting of champagne (obviously) and orange juice, eggs, mushrooms and toast.  Where was the bacon I hear you ask?  It was at home, 2 hours away, sitting in my freezer.  Oh, the horror!!  Thankfully Marc had to go into town later that day so he went and bought some for Sunday’s breakfast.  That ended up being pancakes / flap jacks, bacon, bananas and caramel.  YUMMY!  Nathan also got to have his first pancake on Sunday morning because his first tooth finally arrived!


TV,Books and Pancakes




The rest of saturday was spent down by the pools.  There are tons of pools and they range from slightly warm to lekker hot.  You get different access levels though, so if you are a day visitor you can only use some of the pools.  If you are staying at the resort you get full access.  We spent the first half of the day in the coldest pool because it was so hot.  The kids had an absolute ball and Nathan fell asleep with my mother-in-law while he floated in the water.  It was too cute!  When Marc came back from the shop we went to the warmer pools.  There is a bar and restuarant there and you can order food / drinks while you are swimming.  It’s really awesome.  After lunch, ice lollies, slush puppies and more swimming we went back up to the chalets to chill for the evening.


Pool time


The boys got rid of their excess energy playing around on the bed, all 3 of them were rolling around at one stage and all you heard was giggling and laughing.  Marc made a lekker potjie for supper and then we just chilled out for the rest of the night.  I went down with my father-in-law and the boys to do some night swimming, which was really great.  The best thing about the warm baths is you can swim no matter the time of day / night or the weather!

Sunday we again spent time by the pool, my mom stayed up with Nathan so Marc and myself could spend time with the other 2 boys.  Logan wanted to go on the big slip and slide, but he got to the top and completely melted in tears.  It was just too scary for him.  I had to go fetch him to bring him down and I really don’t blame him for being scared, because even I didn’t want to go down it.  The rest of Sunday we just chilled and boy did we need it, because Sunday night was a disaster of note!

I don’t know if it was teething or just cramps or what, but Nathan would just not sleep.  He screamed and cried and screamed some more, then he would sleep for about 30 minutes and wake up again screaming.  Marc and myself were a complete wreck at one stage and if my mom hadn’t been there (she shared a chalet with us ) I think we might have killed each other.  There’s nothing like a screaming baby to make you feel completely worthless and helpless.  Marc tried to get as much sleep as possible because he had to drive the next day, so I ended up with about 2 hours sleep.  Needless to say the ride home was very quiet.  Our moods had improved though because Nathan was at least cheerful and eating again.


Other than that, it was a really wonderful weekend and I would most definately go back there again sometime.  Maybe in winter, because then we can swim in the rain. 🙂