Gift Wish List

Gift wish list

I’ve always thought doing this would be a bit forward, but I’ve changed my mind. :). How else will anyone know what they can get me for my birthday / Christmas / ” just because” if I don’t tell them?
Here is my gift wish list (in no particular order) –

-Books (any books, novels, recipe books, “coffee table” books, etc)
-DVDs (Love Actually, Harry Potter, any Pixar or Disney movie, Monty Python Holy Grail, The Three Amigos, The Breakfast Club, Dead Poet’s Society, etc)
-Flowers / plants
-Perfume (CK Shock)
-Scrap booking accessories
-Cashew nuts
-Scented candles
-Frame for a painting (Can’t remember the size of the painting though)
-Outdoor wooden table and chairs
-Amarula cream
-Subscription to Fresh Living or a magazine similar
-Baby sitting vouchers (LOL)
-Hand cream
-Manicure + pedicure vouchers
-Shopping vouchers
-Stodels Vouchers
-Builders warehouse vouchers
-Wall art words (Family, Love, Trust, Friendship, Joy, Home)
-Photo print vouchers / Photo book vouchers
-Tattoo vouchers
-Fairy Garden accessories
-New Duvet (King size)
-New Duvet covers / sets (King size)
-Bedside Lamps x2


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